adj. track bar link

i have a adj. track bar that has a drag link on one end. i think its rough country. does anybody know if crown or any where else sells a new end…thanks

More information is needed. I assume its a tapered ball joint with an end that threads into the track bar? Does the tapered stud fit into the stock bracket? What is the diameter and pitch of the threads that screw into the track bar? With this information you can source a part that will work.

Just bought a replacement direct from RC I can give you the part number if you need it.

Eric thanks for that info. I’m going to check that when I get home. Cody send me that part number and ill check it out. Thx

94004061 is the part number they gave me

I know its been a few months for this post but I figured out that end for the rough country track bar is the same tie rod on the xj to the pitman arm if anyone else needs this end. I had bought a Track bar from rough country and the tie rod went bad after like 2 weeks so I got one of those from napa and its been good ever since

i really need to change out my TRE. i have the Currie setup though