ABS What a headace

Took my Jeep to Tarbox for the third time in two weeks this is the third time they told me they fixed the problem.I picked up the Jeep today, $715.00 dollars later i drive 1 mile down the road to Oak hill Tavern to meet my wife for dinner.After dinner i get in the Jeep start it up on comes the ABS light.My inspection sticker expired in October i dont know what to do i cant get a sticker with the light on. :frowning:

yes u can. i just got a sticker 4 my bronco with the abs light on. i will ask at work tom. might have to wait till mon cuz i not sure whose working but i will see if i can get u a sticker

Thanks johnny i dont know what else to do other than try to get behind the dash an try to pull the bulb.I definitly cant spend any more money trying to fix the problem.I need to up grade my axles and im wasteing alot of time and money on the ABS and cant even get a dealer to fix it.

hmmm… i didn’t know abs was an option for tj’s :laughing:

hey Mike, i have my stock tires. i had to get them from my parents place in CT. my inspection is up this month so i’m dropping the truck off on Sat. if you need them during the week let me know and you can borrow them. or anybody else for that matter.

Johnny B if you find out about your shop that would be awesome, my abs light is on too but i was told it was the driver side speed sensor, which im replacing today. Derek I might take you up on that offer for they tires, i stick out like 2" past my fenders. Let me see if i fail first cause of it

Thanks Derick, I dropped my Jeep off at Tarbox this morning.I told the manager how unhappy i was after spending all that money and not fixing the problem, he said to drop it off on Monday he would put a sticker on the Jeep.We will see what happens today :unamused:


Hope it turns out OK for ya Mike… what a complete pain in the arse…

So I changed the ABS sensor and right away my light comes back on. I going to f**king flip. The bulb is coming out

I hear you as soon as i get a sticker on the Jeep im pulling the bulb.You heard what i have been through $$$$. :astonished:

stickers are no problem. as long ias it will pass emissions dont worry about the tires. gotta do em on saturdays but i can get it done. pm me when u need

Jonny, in need a sticker this week before the end of the mont. all i need is one tie rod but am switching out the axle and steering shortly. do you think I’ll be able to get one.

Johnny you f**king rock. Its going to be a couple of weeks. Ill send you a pm. What type of beer do you drink?

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Mike i believe we had spoke about that ABS light when we met at Dunkie before we got to Paul’s house last time :wink:
(light not on no problem lol) :mrgreen:

Just got a call from Tarbox they said they put a sticker on the Jeep :smiley: It about time after all the time money i spent. :angry:

cool. good thing they put it on. i woulda flipped out on em

it has to legitimately be able to pass inspection. there are things that can be overlooked. but if it is bad and unsafe they will not pass it. but gimme a call this week and well see what we can work out. u free sat?

im not much of a drinker so just take care of the mechanic and were good. also i never did anything w that zj setup i got from axle. u still want it?

I’m good Johnny. I got the upgrade set from crowin. Thanks tho