ABS Question

What is up with the ABS light??? What has been altered / replaced / changed that is causing the light to stay on??? Just curious… don’t want to go through it sometime in the future.

Then its best to rip everything associated with ABS out now.

Who needs ABS on the trails anyway :unamused: :mrgreen:

i’m looking forward to finding out if i ever get my axles re-geared and installed :cry:

in a JK the ABS system is responsible for for the traction control system that makes for fun without lockers. These things can climb like they have traction devices in them because of it. My front diff is still open and many people think it’s locked when they see me climb stuff. The Jamboree staff even recongnizes the JK as having traction aids even in X or Sahara form.

Interesting. When we were wheeling up in NH I noticed that Brians JK (Sahara) was climbing really well. I was sure he had some sort of traction device in there and was quite surprised to learn that he did not (after looking at pictures of the grenaded diff). This explains why. Call me old school but I still don’t trust all this electronic wizardry. Give me a Detroit Locker and let it rip!

:astonished: gee, thanks for noticing how well I did on those icy, snow hills at G2, Eric. :unamused: :blush: :laughing:

i think everyone was more interested in seeing if my bald tires would carry me up those hills

the abs traction control babysitter in my old jk let me do things you wouldn’t thing a stock jeep on stock tires do.

the only bad thing about it, it that it can cause your brakes to over heat

I assumed that was all driver skill, not the hardware!

LOL… Riiiiiiiiight… :slight_smile:

Yeah, well it’s all easy when you’re not riding on 3 tires half the time… Y? J.

^ Can’t argue with that. . .