ABS light

The abs light came on in my TJ, how can i tell which wheel it is? How do you disconnect them and if you do will you fail inspection?

Could be some junk stuck on the tone rings. The fronts are visible on the stub shafts inside the unit bearing. The rears are typically inside the e-brake drum and not visible. As far as I know you can’t pass inspection with any idiot lights on. At least thats what the service manager at my garage told me. Before I go to get inspected at the end of this year I’m just going to pull the bulb.

I have the same problem with my 1998 TJ and have not solved the problem yet.I thought about pulling the bulb but i think when they plug into the code reader when they do the inspection it will still read a trouble code. :frowning:

a guy a work with has a coad reader that will let you know if a coad will show up for it or not. and it will also delete the coad as well. Let me know if you would like to try it for a fix and I’ll grab it from him.

it will show up even after u clear it out. the codes will still show up in the history. i forget how many drive cycles it takes to clear the history

I just wanna know what it is so i can fix it, my inspection ran up in Oct of 09 lol

I’m not sure codes for the ABS system are stored? Don’t they only store codes related to the engine management/emissions? I hope so because when I installed my new axles they did not have tone rings and I ripped out the abs sensors and all the wiring. All thats left is the pump and soon that will also go.

If its not clutter around the tone rings or sensors then it could be electrical. Grands have a fuse in the power distribution center which have been known to trigger abs lights if they get moisture.

im pretty sure they are. i will ask the tech at work tom to find out 4 sure. thats why i hate obd2

I had the same problem with my Passat so i broke the bulb cause on a VW u can’t just pull it out its a whole unit, it’s not part of emissions, my buddy that owns his own shop told me its up to the inspector if the light is on, BUT if he dont see the light on, guess what (no light no problem lol) :laughing: :mrgreen: it passed inspection this year :wink:

The ABS codes do get stored just like the engine codes. If you clear the ABS codes with a code scanner, it will delete all of the ABS codes including the history. The ABS system does not need a drive cycle to reset. The drive cycles are necessary to give the PCM/ECM a fresh reset point to start from. Until the drive cycles are complete, the system will show “not ready” if plugged into an inspection computer. I am not sure about RI, but in MA they can not fail you for the ABS light being on. The only way they can fail you is if the “brake” light is on. That indicates a problem with the braking system itself.