Abrasive Blaster

Does any one have an Abrasive Blaster that I can use, I wanna start working on my belly skid soon and i need to clean up the steel the best i can.
Please and thank you :slight_smile:

I have a small portable sandblaster, your welcome to use. give me a ring. number in cotact list. AJ

I also have one, is a small siphon gun. It works good, but it’s a slow.

I need it to take some pretty heavy rust off and i think i wanna blast and re paint my rocker guards while there off
AJ & Ricky what type of media do they use, is specific or can i use a variety
Could you guys maybe post some kind of info on them so i can make an informed decision
thank you both for your offer

The one I have is a portable(bout the size of a 5 gal. bucket) gravityfed siphon . I use 00 sandblast media. it works good but moisture is the enemy. it clogs the hose. if ya want u can come by on a weekend & you can test it out here & see if will work for you… the biggest piece I have done is the front side of some rims. AJ

this is what I have, as as fancy as streetglide’s however lol

tractorsupply.com/campbell-h … it-3434614

and this is what I used tractorsupply.com/black-diam … b–3905403

I have sandblasted my rear corners, took about 8 hours to do both sides front and back