a problem with my nuts

So I was trying to mount my rear bumper on Saturday afternoon and two steps from done I ran into a little issue, 3 of the 6 nuts on the inside of my uni-body that hold the bumper on are broken off inside.
That effectively makes my bumper useless as a tow point or bumper or tire carrier.
Anyone have any ideas on how to thorough bolt the dam thing without affecting the strength of the body?
I’m grounded until I can get it fixed.
Thanks guys

Weld nuts to a backing plate, slide it inside the frame, then run bolts in from the bottom. That’s how my rear bumper works.

I’ll have to pull the bumper off and really look at if the end is open so I cab do that

I did the same thing for mine. And even had to cut some slots in the back end to fit the bumper brackets

The trick is that those same bolts hold up the gas tank

Am I the only one that smiled with this post??? :laughing:

I’m smiling :smiley:

I was going to post “stop sitting on them.”


Hahaha. I wouldn’t know…but it sounds like it would hurt.