a bunch of parts

00 cherokee 4 door front doors maroon in color good shape power everything 75 pending
also for a 00 cherokee i have a rear hatch silver in great shape 75
i also have a set of 4 315 70 17 mt mtz tires low tread good for spares 25 each.
i also have a set of xj tow hooks with a hd front bumper made out of 3/16 steel 150
a xj transfer case drop new in the box looking for 30

make me a offer on any of the parts im looking to make some room. and i can text pics

i also have 3 33 12.50 15 bfg a/ts 20$ each

What color are those half doors? I may be interested, but I wouldn’t be able to purchase until the end of the week when I get paid.

they are green now but were white at one point. i just used the some automotive spray paint. its easy to change the color.

How is the tread on the 32’s?

i would say 2 at 60 and 2 at 75 or better i can text pics. just pm me your phone number

If you still have the half doors, give me a call, my son is interested. Steve 401-640-4228

i still have them ill be around wednesday after 5 if you want to come take a look at them.

i also have some more tires i need to move

i have a set of h2 tires and wheels i just took off of my truck im asking 550 2 at 35% and 2 at 60% and 1 tire good for a spare. they need to be ballenced the rims could use to be cleaned up and painted.

i also have a set of 4 315 70 17 mt mtz tires low tread good for spares 25 each.

i also have a ruggard ridge xj front tow hook kit 50$

Hmmm. I think there is somebody on here who should be interested in those. Calling Pete . . .

Lmao…thanks eric. I should have a new front bumper soon, but i’ll keep the tow hooks in mind…lol

i have a bumper to… i can text pics.

text me pics of the tow hooks and bumper… 401-309-1730

i texted the pics last night.

i also have a brand new xj transfer case drop kit 30$

bump for a updated list. make me a offer i dont want to have to move this stuff when i buy a house.

I might have someone for the tj top. My brother just bought one. How bad is it.

dave can you resend me the pics of the tow hooks and a good picture of the bumper from all angles. will the bumper fit a 2000 xj?

i will also have 3 33 12.50 15 bfg a/ts next week if anyone needs a spare or 2 20$ each or b/o

bump make ma a offer.

got rid of 2 of the 33s today 1 left make me a offer.