A bunch of Jeep Ish


I emailed you but I might as well respond here too, I’ll take the 33’s tomorrow call or text me at 413-858-5800 thanks - CJ

I sent an email out this morning about that rear end (before I looked here). Can you tell me about it a bit?

Is is straight?
Aside from the housing, is it stock?
How much?

My 35 is toast.

Yes its good. It is a crysler 8.25 alost as good as a dana 44 it has zj disc brakes and is trussed with a piece of dom pipe

Sounds good, how about a price please?

Is hooking up the rear brakes as simple as changing ebrake lines? (switching from drums)



Dana 8.25? Must be a new axle

They make cables for XJ but all I did with mine was take and cut the adjuster hook down and weld it back together, which gave me enough throw. that also depends on how much e-brake shoes you have to work with.

Calling Mike Canham. 4.10’s. All you should need to do is flip the spring pads.

The seller upgraded to 4.10 gears, the axles he is selling are 3.55.

Chrysler 8.25…

Hopefully anyone interested will have better luck contacting the poster than I did. I emailed his CL, sent him a pm here and posted on this thread about the tires he had for sale and never got any response :unamused:

yeah they sold sorry. Are you looking for rollers?