99 XJ Fuel Injector Question

So I’m looking to get a little more out of my cherokee. Was reading up that Dodge Neon 703 injectors can give me a little bit more then what I have now. I have to replace my fuel rail anyways so. Anybody give me more information about this??

lots of info here, not only on strokers, but stock 4.0 as well:


I would recommend lockers.

I put a Leigh throttle body on my cherokee, which seemed to boost the power a bit. I don’t know if you have a header on your truck, but that helps too along with a high flow cat and a good muffler. Getting exhaust out is as important as getting power in. You can also get a high flow air filter. The easiest way to gain power is to regear your truck, but that can be pricey. If you’re gonna just put in injectors, that might just make your truck run richer, less mileage and not much power gain. You need more air as well as more fuel.

^ Spoken like somebody who knows what he is talking about.

Me . . . if I turn the key and it starts then I am happy. :mrgreen:

I just can’t leave anything alone. I’ve never owned a vehicle that stayed stock. As long as I own something, it is a work in progress. So I’ve done alot, right and wrong. It’s always a good idea to research or just ask before you spend money, as I have found out the hard way through the years with alot of wasted money.

i’m right there with ya man! the 703 fuel injector is what i had in my 2004 srt4. when i was boosting 15lbs i had to upgrade to stage 2 750 injectors when i upgraded the turbo and was boosting 30lbs. (sorry i know that was off topic just reliving past projects lol) but i am sure the 703 injector should be pretty easy to get and the if the wiring is the same its worth a shot. if you went with anything bigger than that i would but an air fuel gauge in.

cherokeeforum.com/ all the info u will ever need and google is a great tool also :smiley: