99 Lifted XJ 5 inch lift For trade

So I recently bought a boat and can’t tow it with my cherokee and I haven’t gone wheeling lately so it’s time to trade the cherokee for a pickup or a truck with balls honestly.

1999 Jeep Cherokee
151,000 miles
inspected until 2014
3inch rough country lift kit with new rear leafs
2inch coil spacer and 2inch lifted shackle
extended brake lines
rough country adjustable control arms
transfer case drop
rough country rear end guard
new alternator, battery, starter, plugs, wires and front wheel hubs.

looking to trade for a ranger, s10, f150, dakota. must be 4x4. post what you have! no rust buckets. this XJ is clean!


Your xj should be rated to tow around 5k pounds, I’m sure if you put it on stock tires when you towed your boat the xj would do it easily.

yeah but if i go back down to stock there goes all the work i did =/

How much does the boat/motor/fuel/trailer combo weigh?

Ranger, S10, F150, Dakota are not the first models that come to mind when dicussing tow rigs. The XJ will be comparable to Ranger, S10, and Dakota when it comes to towing. The F150 marginally better.

i used my cousins s10 to pull it 30 miles and it did alright i guess. could be better but did the job. id like to find a full size pickup but the prices are just over my limit right now haha