7th Annual Barry Charity Golf Classic

he folks. as some of you may remember, last year OSJ made a $150 donation to A Wish Come True via the Barry’s automotive group. my wife works for barrys and has asked if we can again donate to the cause. without hesitation i said yes. this has been a very successful event for barrys as well as a wish come true foundation. th recipient has not yet been selected, but within a couple weeks a child to support will be chosen. as we all know this event goes towards a tremendous cause and sadly in some cases provides last wishes for some. on a lighter note, this is a great opportunity for osj to assist in the dreams of a child as well as get some good pr for the club. below is the link provided for the golf tournament. if you scroll down you will see osj’s logo as a 2012 sponsor. a sign sporting our logo is also placed on one of the greens at the golf course. last year we collected contributions directly thru members as opposed to drawing from club funds, i hope we can again do this, just $10 from 15 members or $5/30. ill corner you guys sundays at pauls maybe so we can get this started. thanks j-


lis there a way to donate to the clubs sponsorship on line or can I send a check to someone, new member with a tough work schedule until the summer when I hope to meet some of the members.

maybe through paypal. i’ll be doing that and we can just cut a check from the OSJ account?

i’ll put in 25

thanks for the offer, paypal should work. be sure to note what the payment is for when you send it along

Count me for at least $10.

thanks, i collected $30 whilst at pauls last weekend. we need to get this to barrys within the next couple weeks