5 stock Jeep rims and tires for the S-package style

Picture to follow…

3,282 miles on 4 tires, spare never used.

asking $650 for all 5 and rims.

make sure to toss them up on craigslist. my stock set sold in 2 or 3 days

If those are stock JK wheels/tires then I think $650 is low. i put the stock alloys from my Mazda up for $500 a couple years ago and had somebody at my house with cash in hand a couple hours later.

The used scene for JK stockers is soo flooded your lucky to get $400-500 for the 5 wheels and tires with no miles on them. We bought a set for a friend who needed street tires for $350 for all 5 with under a thousand miles on them. Craigslist is good. I’ve actaully seen a lot of Grand cheroke people with mild lifts buying the JK stuff now.

Good luck.

Thanks everyone the tips are helpful. Just want to get them out of my basement!! haha… But if you know anyone looking for some tires and rims pass the word please…

Thank you

posting on Craigslist now!..