5.2 overheating

i changed the radiator earlier this year and the new one is only a single row so i think that is what is causing me to overheat. i am looking for a thicker radiator and electric fans. but thought i would throw the question out there of what other people have done to fix there overheating issues?

sounds like you have it figured out.

well yes and no. i was thinking about putting an elec fan on the outside pushing air in and leaving the clutch fan on it. or should i get rid of the clutch fan and put the elec fan on the inside pulling the air in?

Eric would be the one to chime in on this one. he just went through his cooling system

Don’t waste time and money on an electric fan.

There is basically only 4 possible causes:

1.) Radiator
2.) Thermostat
3.) Water pump
4.) Fan clutch

I’ve never seen a 5.2 fan clutch go bad and I’ve been running 5.2 ZJ’s since 93.

Jeff up at Crown has the radiator you need. Unfortunately, I bought his last one two weeks ago (but he will get more).

The water pump impellers can get pitted over time and if yours is original I would replace it just because.

My current ZJ was running at 240-260 so I replaced radiator, water pump (which was leaking a bit anyway), and thermostat. Now the temp gauge is pinned at 210, right where it should.

One last thought. Do you have lights mounted on your bumper? I briefly mounted some 8" Hella’s on my bumper and they raised the temp 10-15 degrees. My winch does not make any noticeable difference.

better radiator should do it

eric thanks for the help. where is crown and do you have a number ??? i do have my lights on my bumper but they are 4.5" led and don’t make any heat. the temp gauge says at 210 for the most part till i get on a trail and start working her a little then it will start boiling over. last night i was bored so i broke out the cutting wheels and welder. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: so now the air can get out of the engine compartment. but i am still going to make some upgrades. let me know what you guys think good or bad i like input
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it is all just tack welded. it will be all finished welded and filled when i am done

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