4th of July parade, Cumberland, RI

We have been invited to attend the Arnold Mills July 4th parade.

Plan is to meet at the Showcase Cinema on Route 1 in North Attleboro (right off 295) at 9:15 and roll out at 9:30. We need to be lined up for the parade route by 10:00 so we avoid the road race.

Here is more info on the parade: http://arnoldmillsparade.com/

I’m hoping to get a good turnout for this… it’s a great way to get our name out into the community.

Who’s in???

OK… so lets have some fun with this…

Lets each pick a theme for our jeeps and decorate them! I think it would be fun and the kids would love it. We should have about an hour from the time we get to the line up to the time the parade starts - that should be good a good time to “spruce them up” and make them parade ready.

Also, it says no throwing of candy for safety reasons, but maybe we can sneak some in anyway.

  1. Stacey and Mike - Hawaiian/Luau
  2. Matt - Red White and Blue
  3. Roxie - Birthday
  4. Eric - ???
  5. Jay - ???
  6. Steve - Zebra
  7. Glenn - Pirate
  8. Josh - camoflage
  9. Jamie - Save the Ta-Ta’s!
  10. Jacob - ???
  11. Mike - birthday/Americana
  12. Mike (NFG) - Rock N Roll
  13. Jerry
  14. Cody

Me and the whole fam are in!!!

Eric and I are in on this… :sunglasses:

Brenda and I will be there as well

Sign me up…hey is Dirty a theme?

We decided to do a pirate theme…

Sounds like fun plus I already decorated my Jeep :slight_smile:

i’ll get back to ya on this, need to see when my stepfathers 4th july clam boil is

sounds like fun

I need a theme idea?

I am game.
Also need a theme.

some theme ideas off the top of my head:

GI Joe / Army
Independence day - flags, red, white and blue etc
60’s hippy - piece signs etc
70’s - disco ball, leisure suit etc

I thought military or usa (being a vet and all), but with the yellow jeep - not so much. I may go girlie with big ol flowers…since I’m always wheeling in dresses.

I going with the Flag theme, I go to old navy get my kids some 4th stuff, hang a bunch of flags on my jeep, maybe one big one in the back.

OK - I take all that back. My students decided for me - Mardi Gras!! I have a ton of beads and masks already, I’m going to put a big fleur-de-lis on the back…yup…

Mardi Gras, beads . . . . Hmmmmm . . . .

I am thinking a POW flag also or CVMA (Combat Vets Motorcycle Association)

No stealing my theme cause you want to see boobs!

Count me in.
Any theme ideas?

I might be able to do this it gives me a reason to do the camo paint job I have been thinking about.

me and Lindsey want to do a save the ta ta’s theme for our Jeep

Had to google what that one was… what a good theme and cause… if you are going to take donations let me know