48"x60" Garvin Roof rack w/ all lights and accessories -$600

I’m parting out any Jeep stuff not essential to forward movment. The rack and accessories cost me well over 1200 a few years ago. Have it all for $600 or I’ll take the lights and stuff off if you’d rather.

4 KC 6x9’s and 6 55w floods/ axe-shovel bracket/ hi-lift mount/ accessory crossbar adapter
Track rack adapters available.

:frowning: But it looked so good your your jeep… :frowning:

how much for the 6 55w floods

Won’t fit with the new look coming soon.

I’m not ready to part it out completly yet. I’ll see if it goes as a unit. I have one guy that wants to use it on a pickup bed possibly… keep everything but the 4 front KC’s maybe.

how much do u want for the four front KC’s?

I’d be interested if someone wants ALL the lights, in just the rack, its mounting hardware and the hilift/shovel mounts

Sorry to be a bother if you don’t want to part it out, just offering in case it comes to that


I’d be more than happy to part it out. I just don’t want to sell the lights without knowing the rack is sold first. If your interested in the rack without the lights, let me know. If it’s still here by the spring, it will end up on top of something!.. lol My 5x8 enclosed ute would look great with that up there and rolling day light would come in handy when setting up camp in the dark.