4 stock wrangler rims w/ tires - GONE!

I got them from an 88 YJ that I parted out. The tread is ok, but the tires are a bit cracked - they all hold air. Used them to swap out when I needed to get my rig into the garage. Standard 6 spoke silver steel rims. Like these (only not shiny)

Just noticed your signature Jon, when does the sighing stop and you get another rig? :wink:

In time my friend. Who said I don’t have my future rig already?

Just picture it in black… and not built - yet.

Friend? My friends drive Jeeps! :astonished: :frowning:

Ouch! :confused:

I ain’t seen you driving a Jeep that much lately either. My friend.

i can feel the love… btw is this a bad time to mention i sold my xj?

Prove it.

maybe the white one :laughing:

Your welcome in SSW any time. We have a member with a taco kind of like the one in the pic you posted :wink:

Jon if they are still available i will take them, Thanks