4.0 swap

Getting a 4.0 from a friend to put in my TJ what else do I have to change/swap to make this happen.

Also had our f150 making a weird noise in rear when going over bumps. Recently changed out shackles, but checked them anyway checked shocks and gas tank straps. That’s when I noticed this weird cylinder hanging off exhaust pipe attached to one of the clamps. It had become loose and was swinging making the NOISE I was hunting. Any body know what this thing is for and if it needs to be put back on. It just seems like a useless weight hanging onto the pipe for no apparent reason.

Any thoughts?

Was probably a hanger that broke off the frame.

I had the same thing I ripped it off no differnce. And no clue what’s it is.

I heard that changining a4 to 6 involves switching the entire wiring harness over. Not sure how true that is or not.

^ yea you need the engine harness/ecu… along with relocated motor mounts… I’m not sure about automatics but I know on a manual 4 to 6 swap it requires the 6cyl transmission (different mounting) and tcase (or swapped input shaft on tcase). Also various other things, probably different size drive shafts?. Etc. Gene did a 2.5 to 4.0 swap. Might want to ask him the specifics as I’m only going by information I looked into when I was considering a 4.0 swap.


Ya that sounds about right. What do you still need out of all that?

sounds about right…I plan on one myself this winter. already have the engine, bell housing and starter from 4.0. just waiting on funds to gather the rest. also think im gonna swap the frame at same time to strengthen up in places where im finding mine to be a bit weak. don’t plan on it being cheap. I also have the frame side motor mounts brackets I had cut out of my friends tj. if I don’t use them youre welcome to them for a 12pack

Your running a AX 5 now? I thought you has to go to a AX 15 and TCase or input shaft swap for a 4.0 swap

That is correct, just waiting on the snow to fall to fund the swap. The bell housing I have is for an ax15