4-33"x12.5"x15" BFG All Terrains that are close to new condition! $400.00
Grey center console from a YJ $10.00
CJ5 rear seat and passenger seat $10.00 each
8.8 Explorer rear axle with disc brakes, 3.73gears (blown) $50.00
D300 transfer case with tranny $150.00
Wife, kids, dog, lawn ornaments, furniture, clothing, garden tools, etc…accepting offers! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Yeah, ok, you figured it out! I need the cash for the locked, prepped, 8.8, that I’m trying to buy!

OK. I know Jay said at your house that he might be interested in the tires, but if he isn’t, what would we need to do to make them fit my jeep? Or wont they?

We are thinking about just biting the bullet and buying new… and soon. Need something before the Jeep Jamboree, and before Aug. 1st would be good too since the sales tax is going up… :imp:

15" rims should do it!

How about some lawn ornaments to go with it? :wink:

pm me a price on the Dana 300 without the tranny please.

i’ll take the 8.8 off your hands

pm sent

how are the cj5 reats? are they the originam with the folding pass seat?

If you mean seat, I have a folding passenger seat that is tan in color and a fixed black rear seat if your interested.

do you still have the 33’s?


Are the 33’s already mounted on rims?

well if the seats are are in good shape ill grab them off you this weekend if thats allright?

OK by me.