33"pro comp mt

i got home today to find my tire leaking from the sidewall. im looking for 1 pro comp mts 33x12.5x15 about 60% or better…

has anyone use a tube for a tire? where can you get them and are they safe…its a shame to loose this tire

If your gonna use one put it in the rear. How bad is the sidewall?

not bad i drove it home its just leaking a little

i just found a used one on ebay for $173 free shipping and i have a 10% off coupon. not bad i guess. still like to save this tire do they patch tires any more…looking to fix it and make it my spare…

If it’s just a pinhole not a slice you can have it patched(if you can get shop to do it, most won’t repair a sidewall and install a tube in a tire for the road). If you explain that it is going to be a spare they may.

Shoot, mike had a pitchfork threw his at field and forest. Threw some plugs in there and is still wheeling the tire I think

Yeah im going to rock it this year all 14 plugs.

if i just had a hole i would do that but it looks like a crack or dryrot spliting…i dont think a patch would work with the flexing of the wall.i have been all over the web and cant find anyone that sells tubes…

You can get a tube at tractor supply but you have to drill out where the valve step sticks out