32" tires on stock tj?

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a 32" tire could fit temporarily on a stock TJ. I found a set of wheels and tires I want but haven’t had a chance to install my budget boost. they should only be on for a couple weeks or so.


provided the are mounted on rims with the proper back spacing they will be ok for street driveing in callifornia. in ri the way the roads are a good bump or pothole will send them into your fenders

you can install those pucks when you go to change your tires it’s super easy

But keep in mind that installing a lift creates no extra clearance until you lower the bump stops. . .

sure it does. it brings the body up off the tires. bump stops are only there to limit up travel and can be achieved with $4 in hockey pucks RTV’d to the spring perch.

moabjeeper.com/articles/tech … icleID=292

Using washers as extensions.

Good idea, bad idea?

i did something simmaler

more work than necessary in my opinion. the less possibly rusty bolts i have to touch the better.

i have a set of five 32" x 11.50" bf mud terrains to sell for the right price. not exactly sure on on thread remaining, but they should be damn near new. prob not more than 3000mi on them. they have been wheeled 5-6 times though. spare is unused

I think you just contradicted yourself???

If you lift but don’t lower the bump stops (or install pucks or whatever) then when the suspension is fully compressed you are exactly where you would be without lift.

it all depends on its use then i guess. you can slap in a small lift and run bigger tires on the street but as soon as you start articulating the suspension you might end up eating the fenders. that wouldn’t stop you from running 32" on the road especially with the swaybars still attached.