31 and 35 inch spares

the 31 is a Toyo 31x10.50x15 not mounted 30 bucks takes it
the 35 is a procomp mounted on a chrome D wheel 5on 4.5 50 bucks 401 480 0377

someone on newenglandjeepz was looking for a 35

Is the 35 for a 15 in rim. Is it a mud terrain. If so I take it.

yes ans yes

if you want to bring it to the fall crawl i’ll pay you then.

He’s not going to the Fall Crawl. I could possibly pick it up tomorrow (Fri) afternoon at about 12:30 and you can pay me back when I get there.

thats fine or i could just pick it up sometime next week. if he lives close to you and you got room, that would be great but dont go out of your way.

he lives in warwick near warwick neck. i might be able to pick it up tomorrow before i head up.

I was thinking you needed a spare for the weekend. If its not urgent then carry on. Or Derick can try to squeeze a 35 in somewhere . . .

no i can get it another time. thanks anyway

D if he needs it Ill leave it outside just give me a call someone can come get it if Im not here. always easier to reach me by cell 401 480 0377 Thanks and you guys and girls have a great time drive safe