3" lift for a tj

Hey guys need to know what you think. I bought springs for a 3" lift. What is on line is confusing me. Will I need to get longer swaybar links, trackbar , or control bars. Any Insite would be helpful. I’m going to start the project in the spring would like to start buying stuff now. Thx

What do you have for a lift now?

you might need rear adjustable upper control arms. i’d go with Clayton uppers if i were to do it all over again. i’d look for a SkidRow engine skid too. you might need longer front brake lines which can be stock YJ brack lines (have worked fine for me for years). and you will either want quick swaybar disconnects of just remove the swaybar altogether.

Matt I just have a 2" bb

Thanks derick ill look into that. U think only upper rears no lowers or fronts. Every where I look they say different things and then I looked up kits to see what comes with it. Nothing concreat.

rear pinion/ driveshaft angle will be most important. you will eventually want to get an SYE and new rear driveshaft but you shouldnt need it just yet. leave room for front adjustable uppers in the budget just to keep caster in line but they sell cam bolts to adjust as well but i dont think you will really need to worry about it.

Does anybody know how bad I would need longer brake lines. I’m doing the lift tomorrow and all the auto parts stores have to order yj lines. Can I get by with stock tj lines till I get a pair.

Jeeps Unlimted in Providence of Crown Automotive in Canton will have them. dont bother calling JU. just go there in the AM… 9ish

Jeeps unlimited is the junk yard right.

Yes JU is located in providence and is the salvage yard. When I did my 3" zone lift, they said that I did not need to replace the lines but I did anyway because mine were badly dry rotted. I am still running on my stock control arms but did go with an adjustable front track bar, relocation bracket for the rear track bar and quick disconnects.