2000 Stock Xj parts

One of my neighbors just had an accident with his Xj. He is ok but the jeep has some major damage to the passenger front end. the jeep had 94k miles before its end.
I will post up a parts list once we tear into it for now if you need it ask & make an offer.

what color is it? might be interested in some body panels

all i could use really is the plastic trim around the tranny shifter. i drilled holes in mine for switches, and am going to be relocating them.

silvery grey
ill see what he wants for them & get some more info

I call dibs on the engine…

And front axle disconnect - don’t ask.

I’m pretty sure the disconnects had gone the way of the dinosaur by '98. . .

I’ll take his front drive shaft.

i’ll take the axle shafts

Power doors? If they are manual whats the condition of all the doors? Also what color interior? I need to plastic that goes around the rear hatch.(inside)

Here are some pictures.
we are going to tear into it this weekend & figure out what is still good, he is trying to figure out pricing now

Electric radiator fan if it survived. $30

from the pics it looks like the door got tanked pretty good on the p/s.

How much for the plastic around the inside of the hatch and what does it have for a rear end? Willing to part out if its a 8.25? I really just need a diff cover.

oh yea i also need the air filter box. how much and when can i get it?

Im interested in the drivers side front window motor if its power and the control switch for door locks and windows on same door
ohhh and if it has AC i would like the compressor, let me know how much
Thanks again :slight_smile:

The 4.0 is the same as in the 02 & later TJ,s with the coil rail ignition, as best as we can tell right now it needs a new oil pan cause the current one got mangled by the axle.
as it stands with still in the jeep with the minimal examination minus the alt and a/c he would like to get around a grand for the engine. if after further examination once we pull it it is deemed no good i will let you all know.
If it needs to be parted separately I would definitely recommend Duff grab up the throttle body (its a direct bolt on upgrade for the 4 banger)

It has power windows etc,and A/C

Chris its the 8.25 rear so i will see if he is willing to part it, if not give bills in Cumberland a cal, they had an xj 1 on the last time i was up there

jonny b which body panels do you want?

Fuse block & wiring
Gage cluster
fog light switch and ANY wiring that can be pulled associated with the fogs.
Hatch struts
I have a list with your requests & will have prices and more info this weekend
If you would like to come by , lend a hand & make some offers in person give me a call this weekend

wanted the doors to make half doors but the right one looks like it took a beating. also wwould like to get the air box asap. my heeps apart right now and i cant mod mine again

alright well just let me know a price for the plastic panel that covers the rear hatch. If he wants to part the rear end cool if not its not a huge deal. thanks jeff.

passenger compartment dome lamp ?

the one over the drivers and front pass seat. all I ask is that both of the push button lights work.

Thanks Jeff, please let me know how much he wants for that

still working on prices but i think he said $30 for the window motor, don’t know about switches yet.

Alex, the shroud /surround is busted, & it has a busted blade, not sure if it still works,
had to go buy a new dryer today so we didn’t get to do much.

I do have to say this thing has almost no rust any where, the leaf springs have the worst of & it really only seems like surface