2-way/cb radio install

i recently installed a cobra cb radio…one of those units were the handheld is the entire device. i’m confident the antenna has a good ground, as well as the unit itself. the radio receives signal as i can hear others transmitting, so i assume all systems are go, even though i have not “tuned” the antenna to the radio itself. however, when i turn on the ignition the interference begins, and worsens when i start the engine. i ran power directly to the battery as to avoid such interference running power to the fuse panel. device is grounded to the firewall near the battery (paint removed o bare metal). anyone have a solutions to avoid interference with the engine running

thanks for the help

I’m certianly not an expert, but i bet once you tune the antenna it will be better. Be careful, cause if you use the CB without it being tuned, it can blow the CB. I know someone here has a tuner…

sounds like a bad ground but if you took the paint off it should work. I’ve been thinking about getting a tuner, let me take a look on how much they are

I agree, sounds like a bad ground. I have an SWR meter if you are in need of one.

so, a bad ground would cause interference, with the engine running only? i can try to remove the two grounds (at the antenna mount and device ground) and reclean them to see if it clears up.
i do however need to tune the antenna, so derick if you get a tuner let me know, or perhaps i could borrow yours jim. i’m sure it doesnt take long, i could prob meet up with you one of these days

what type of mount do you have? it could just be as simple as clearing a liitle paint from the bolt holes or even attaching a wire to one of them and running it to a different spot.

it’s a stainless behind the drivers taillight mount. which has a ground post, of which i had to drill a hole thru the tub to ground it. i used my dremel to clear away the lining on the inside of the tub…it appeared to be to bare metal.

make sure the antenna is isolated from the mount as well. mine has a neoprene washer between the antenna and the mount.

i believe it does. i’ll have to check, not sure what side of the mount the washer is on

Absolutely. Let me know when and where. Also, like Derick said, make sure the antenna is isolated from the ground. PS if you love winch installs I may have some fun lined up for you. :smiley:

Make sure to weld the bolts after installation. Otherwise, winches sometimes disappear. . .

not sure if i love winch installs…haven’t done one yet. but i’lll help.

can it involve beers perhaps?

where do you live?

It always does when I install something.

Speaking of “install” and “beers” perhaps Paul is willing to host a tech day?

When is this beer and winch install going down?

who’s paul

i typically gage a wrenching project by number of beers needed to complete the task

cb install-easy(6-pack)
gas tank sending unit/skid plate(moderate 12-pack)
winch?(12-pack+side6-pack just in case)

90yj, he actually lives in Dartmouth i think

oh yeah, i met him at sawmill

the winch should be easier than the sending unit/skid plate :laughing:

So when is this Beer and Wrench session going down?