2.5 ^ yj springs

ok im trying to figure out what springs to save for. the springs i have now ABSOLUTLY blow and ill never recomend or get again… nor use arb. any way i heard to go with rough country but i dont wanna buy springs again in less then a year. i got soa as most know. any help / advice taken. my springs look like “s” right now except one lol thx for the help

i got BDS and love em. they have the best warranty. double military wrap at ends. i bent a rear last year and they replaced it no questions asked. so how did it go yesterday with your accident. i drove by as cops were getting there. didnt look like any damage to the jeep, but that poor cars trunk. hope your ok.

I just junked myr ough country springs…hated them. Warranty sucked, the rear had at least 1-1/2" sag, ride was ok. Just installed rustys offroad 4" springs. Everything so far is good. Ride is good and level. I can acctually have two people in the back without tires rubbing the wheel well.

I just removed a set OF RC 4"springs, installing 5" BDS NOW . what a difference in quality between the 2. you get what ya pay for.

accident sucked hurting thanks for askin but my front springs look like “S” but i thaught $500 ome springs were good as far as reviews but nope. where is the best place to get bds?

heres accident pics…
2 (15).jpg
2 (14).jpg
2 (13).jpg
2 (12).jpg
2 (11).jpg

Rubicon Express is what I’m running and I can;t say enough good things about them

Since you are spring over, get the 2.5" inch lift. They will take a little while to break in so the first few months might be rough…

But once they break in, you will love them :wink:

how are they with soa as far as flatening?

I don’t know, mine are spring under… you’ve seen them.

Mines a 4.5" that when installed was closer to 6"+ but once they broke in the settled down closer to 4.5" and have stayed that way since.

I installed mine back in 2007 and have not been nice to them since. The jeep was driven on the road with the lift for a year or so before becoming a trailer queen