2.5 lift.. Need help installing. Westerly area.

My lift kit just came in the mail. I need help installing it. And tools… :slight_smile:

What lift did you get?

Depending on the weather we are doing Brian’s lift (2.5" AEV) at my place on Sunday.

We can probably squeeze you in but most of the wrench turning will be on you because I have to work on my rig while Brian is doing his. Tools are available but its best to bring what you can.

I got a 2.5 rough country suspension lift. I know nothing about doing this! I want to learn. In case you didn’t know I’m a 21 year old female, I don’t have much for tools.

What type of Jeep is it going in? How old is the Jeep?

It’s an 06 jeep unlimited.

Is it the one with just the springs and shocks or the more expensive one that comes with adjustable arms?

Springs and shocks

You should take a ride to Erics house. I just did a spring and shock lift on my JK, very easy. i would lend a hand but i have to play army this weekend


It’s a quick easy install. I may be able to stop by at some point to help everyone out as well.

Anybody else available to lend a hand? I will supply the beer.

I can also supply beer! And burgers :slight_smile:

I’m in and will bring some tools…


Just a heads up that after installing the lift I recommend taking it to a shop for an alignment. We can probably dial it in pretty close with an angle finder and a tape measure which is good enough for an occassional driver.

i’ll have to see what i have going on this weekend… Saturday is the Clean Up Huh?

I wanted to go to the jeep cleanup …

Yes, saturday is the clean up. We are working on Jeeps sunday.

Hope they come pre-cooked…I don’t think the BBQ works. :laughing:

I’m jealous! I need to throw my new-to-me springs into mine too…but I’ll be away.

Any one still working on jeeps today

Yes, we’re pulling into Eric’s now like we planned.

It’s in NK…

got a lot done and accomplished little… it was a good day