Ok…I have a really cheap engine available out of a 95 wrangler with low miles and need to know if the engine block and head will mount to the transmission, exhaust and intake using all my 98 wrangler bolt on accessories?..

yj engine into a tj? i’m not sure. i’ll see if i can come up with anything

I would look on line for engine dealers and see if the engines are the same, if the motor #'s are the same and tranny’s also the same i would see not problem with it, may take some research to find that out, also you may even find out by going to a bone yard some one you deal with and they may be able to look at there books and tell you :wink: good luck :slight_smile:

I find car-part.com usefull for this purpose.

When I ask for a '95 2.5L the search returns 92-95. When I ask for '98 2.5L the search returns 97-98. I don’t think these engines are direct swaps. Not to say it can’t be done but its probably not plug-n-play . . . at least as far as engine swaps go.

i’ve been using this a lot


i would be curious if you could use your tj computer and sensors with the yj engine.

The problem with a 95 engine going into a 96+ vehicle for a swap is the OBD system. 95 is ODB1 while 96+ is OBD2. There are more sensors on the motor and some sensors that might have been moved to diff locations. Sometimes the block is the same with diff heads, and sometimes it’s all diff. You should really check into it before you buy that engine.

This site lists 82-96 and then 97-2002 as diff engines.


This one lists 87-90 and then 91-01 as diff engines.


The last link I gave deals with just jeep engines. They might be able to answer the question better.