1998 - 2003 tj service manual access

I just uploaded the 98 to 03 Tj service manual onto my google drive.
If any one wants access to it post or pm your email and I will share it.
98 was the 1st year that jeep made the Tj and I don’t believe they changed anything after 03 till 07 when they came out with the mini van :laughing:

ya, please post it up. i think the forum allows downloadable attachments now

These files are quite large, I think I tried to attatch them to the forum before and they where to big.

Yea, space is limited and not all forums allow document attachments.

Dropbox is a great solution! It creates a Dropbox folder on your computer and all you need to do is drag files to the folder. The software transparently handles copying the files to their servers. Right click on a file in the Dropbox folder and a menu pops up allowing you to copy a public link to your clipboard. Paste the link into a thread and anybody can click the link to download.

I also have an 04 FSM for tjs

can you dropbox it so i can get a copy?

Is there a way to create a drop that only members can access? It would a great way to on e all these in one central location.

I don’t know much about it

Dropbox is nice because of its utter simplicity. As far as I know there is no built-in mechanism within Dropbox that can limit access. Anybody with the link can download the document. The burden is on us to protect the link from going “public”.

P.S. It might be worth checking if allowing these documents to be downloaded via our site is legit. I think its OK as long as we are not selling them.

sooo, what was 96 and 97. i know there were a small lot of left over yj’s they sold in 1996, but i thought 96/7 was the first year of tj

Here is one I had on my computer.

1999 Wrangler FSM

97 was the first year of the TJ, and 95 were the last year of the YJ everything sold in 1996 was either left over or next year’s stock.

FINALLY, thanks

I’ll try to find some more manuals later and throw them all in that one public folder.

Dropbox link to the 98 to 03 manual

I’ll put mine up in the am

Anyone have any XJ manuals ? Preferably 2000

04 rickbarrette.org/wp-content/uplo … 04-FSM.pdf

I have it on my computer. There used to be a link to it online but aparently its not working. greatlakesxj.com/ you might have luck finding it there. I can try to email it to you if you pm me your email address


i now have 05-06 tj fsm