1990 long arm jeep cherokee

selling the jeep I have 14500 in receipts asking 5000…pm for details…also have just about a hole truck in parts…will trade for the right street car no fords

Really :open_mouth: :question:

say it ain’t so

hope this is a gag… :frowning:

bump motivated seller.4500.00

ok, I’ll ask - WHY!??!?

be cause im sick of it … time to build something fast

I will also have a ton of trail stuff for sale… trail spair parts,straps .oba.tools …ill have a better idea after the toy run when I clean it out …

your lucky I don’t have the money I would call your bluff

I’m interested in your rigging gear and oba stuff… that is if you actually sell the jeep

id give u the whole set up the way it sits for 5k

ill give u first shot rick.if it don’t sell as a package deal

Speed kills.

Nah, the research shows that most of the time, it’s the sudden stop! :smiley:

All you need is a H.O 4.0 upgrade it will be plenty fast!

Or you can be like Steve and SUPERCHARGE it!!!

Plenty of people put turbo chargers on them

The car I build will be procharged.just made sure my big block was still in the shed I buried a fue years ago for a rainy day…and it im .not putting a dime in the jeep IM SELLIN IT.

Also looking for a early 80’s 2 door Malibu.

I like where you’re going with this, Minus ditching the jeep!

I grew up working on a 1978 Malibu with my dad. We built one hell of a small block for that car, I only got to drive it once before he sold it, but man did that thing ever move! That’s the reason why I drive trucks and jeeps, if I drove a car like that on a weekly basis, I wouldn’t have a license by now!

I was also thinkin a mailbu waggin all mutterd out…or I part out the cherokee build a full frame and make it a big block prostreet… :ugeek: