15" factory steelies

Anyone with a set of factory steelies, or any 15" 5x4.5 wheels. please let me know.

I have 4stock plain cherokee rims and tires 125.00 for all

don’t need tires just wheels. Bought a set of new tires and one of the rims is shit and will not hold air the others are not much better.

Ok tires go with them don’t want to brake up

I understand. What size are tires? Also what type, street or trail?

I’d have to look on the size .definitely street …

I have 4 … 5 spoke TJ wheels … I can dig them out of the shed tomorrow if you are interested. $50 for the set.

Bob could you send me a pic. I could pick up one night after 5 or this weekend. we are down a vehicle right now so I have to work around everyone elses schedule.

Sure thing. I get home around 4 pm. I’ll get them to you ASAP.
Is your email / cell in the members section ?

[size=150]Sent pics to your email[/size]